Company Wizard
We advise clients in the mean time to use our White Label System for deploying a third-party company formation solution.

Further updates will be provided in due course to advise on when the API will be updated.

1. Overview2. Prerequisites3. Authentication Mechanism4. Testing5. Basic Message Structure6. Company Name Check7. Sensitive Word Check8. New Incorporation

1. Overview

The Company Wizard Open Point API is an extension to the reseller system that enables certain functions to be performed over a remote Web Service. Currently the API supports the following functions.
  • Check company name availability
  • Check company name for sensitive words
  • Submit new Incorporation

As the API evolves additional functions will become available.

2. Prerequisites

To access the API functions you must have a Company Wizard Reseller Account. Communication with the web service is made via the Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) Standard with the data encapsulated into XML feeds and delivered via HTTP.

All the methods available through the API can be previewed from here:

3. Authentication Mechanism

The API uses a simple authentication mechanism to validate each request. The authentication credentials are embedded within the header of each submission.

The API uses the following details to authenticate the submission

Account Number
The resellers unique account number.

Account Password
The password associated with the account

Submission Number
An alphanumeric string issued by the presenter that uniquely identifies every submission. The same submission number cannot be used more than once on the API.

MD5 Encrypted Authentication Key
This is an MD5 encryption of the Account Number, password and submission number. The three values are concatenated and then hashed using the MD5 algorithm. The submission number is used to salt the encryption so it cannot be intercepted and reused.

For Example....Account Number: 123456789
Password: asparagus22
Submission Number: 00001

This would be concatenated to: 123456789asparagus2200001
The resulting MD5 Hash would be: 089ef626788b8bfdc9f813864df62085

The following online tool can be used to MD5 encrypt your string:

4. Basic Message Structure

Each submission on the API adheres to a basic format which includes a header and footer section. The header will encapsulate any information relating to the type of message, the authentication data, the unique submission number and whether the submission is for a test or live transaction. The body contains content specific to the type of request being made. The API response follows a similar format with a header and body section.

Submission Numbers
Each call to the API must be made with a unique submission number. If a duplicate submission number is transmitted then the API will return an error. This rule however is not enforced for the purpose of testing the gateway, therefore please ensure the TestMode tag is set to true while developing against the API.

5. Testing

When testing your application you should set the TestMode tag to 'true'. This will negate the requirement to use unique submission numbers.

The following tool is provided to enable you to submit your xml documents against the API.

API Test Utility

6. Company Name Check

The company name check enables the presenter to cross check the availability of a proposed company name against the Companies House register. The use of this method will prevent the likelihood of the application being rejected at a later stage.

During normal service hours with Companies House the method will return a live response as to the availability of a name. Outside service hours the method will check against our backup database. Please note that when the response indicates the check has been done on the backup database there is no guarantee that the name is available. Normal Service hours for a live response are 07:00 to 00:00 Monday to Saturday.

Live Schema
Click here to view the current SchemaExample RequestClick here to view an example requestRequest Properties
PropertyDescriptionMandatoryTypePermissible Values
CompanyNameThe Company Name to SearchYString (Max 160 Chars)String value, does not need to contain the Limited/LTD suffix
DataSetThe Data Set at Companies House to search. Usually LIVEYString (Max 20 Chars)LIVE, PROPOSED, DISSOLVED, FORMER

7. Sensitive Word Check

Use this method to check the proposed company name for sensitive words. The method will return an iterated response with any sensitive words in the name along with usage instructions and required supporting documentation.

Live Schema
Click here to view the current SchemaExample RequestClick here to view an example requestRequest Properties
PropertyDescriptionMandatoryTypePermissible Values
MatchesIndicates whether any sensitive words were found in the name.YBooleantrue/false
WordThe sensitive word found in the nameYString (Max 35 Chars)Uppercase String value
DescriptionThe requirements setout in the Companies Act for using the wordYString (Max 250 Chars)String
PromptIf the supporting documentation can be supplied inline the prompt will instruct the client what information they need to write in the textbox.NString (Max 250 Chars)May not always be supplied.

8. New Incorporation

This method enables the presenter to submit a new company application for processing. The XML will incorporate the following information.
  • Information about the applicant
  • The proposed company name
  • The registered office address
  • Any mail forwarding address if registered office service address is used (Optional).
  • Delivery address if different from the registered office address (Optional).
  • Share Capital information or objects for limited by guarantee companies.
  • Information on all directors, secretaries and shareholder.
  • Additional items ordered.
White Label Integration
The Open Point API enables you to submit a new company application within the
White Label Framework. This ensures that all subsequent client processing and communication can be conducted through a branded portal. By default all submissions will be assumed to be white label unless the ClientAccNumber variable is set to '0000000000' (Ten Zeros). Each new submission will require a unique email and password combination to create an account for the end user client. The email must not have been previously registered on the system and the password must be Base64 Encoded. The tool below will enable you to check your password encryption.

Click here to encrypt or decrypt your passwordLive SchemaClick here to view the current SchemaExample RequestClick here to view an example requestRequest Properties
PropertyDescriptionMandatoryTypePermissible Values
Applicant Data
LoginCredentialsAn email and password combination used to create a new White Label AccountCXML NodesThe email must not already be registered with Company Wizard. The password must be between 6 and 20 characters long.
ClientAccNumberA valid White Label Account number already lodged by the presenter.CStringInput 0000000000 if the company application should be lodged on the presenters account.
Company Data
CompanyNameThe Proposed Company NameYString (Max 160 Chars)String value, must contain Limited/LTD suffix for companies limited by shares
RegisteredOfficeThe registered office address in England/ScotlandYNodesFull postal address in England/Wales. PO BOX not permitted
MailForwardingAddressAn address where mail will be forwarded if the serviced office address is selectedNNodesFull postal address. The K character must also be included in the order string.
DeliveryAddressAn address where the deliverables will be sent if different from the registered office address.NNodesFull postal address. UK Only. If not supplied the RO address will be used
Share Capital
CurrencyThe 3 character ISO code for the currency used in the share capital.CString(3)Please refer to the full ISO code list
AuthorisedSharesThe total number of shares in the share capitalCIntegerMAX(999,999,999)
NominalShareValueThe nominal value of each shareCDoubleDefault is 1.00
IssuedSharesThe number of shares issued from the share capitalCIntegerMust be at least 1 and cannot exceed the number of authorised shares
ObjectA sentence or paragraph to define an element of what the company will do. Applicable only to Limited By Guarantee companies.CString(500)Must be at least 1.
PersonalAttributeThe type of question used for personal authenitcation.YStringBIRTOWN, TEL, NATINS, PASSNO, MUM, EYE, DAD
PersonalDataThe response to the corresponding personal authentication question.YString(3)First three letters only.
Director Details
DOBDate of Birth.CDateTimeYYYY-MM-DD
NationalityNationality of the director.CString(30)-
OccupationOccupation of the director.CString(30)-
Other Directorships
CompanyNameThe name of the company for which the directorship is held.CString(100)-
CompanyNumberThe registration number of the company for which the directorship is held.CString(8)Please add leading zeros to ensure the length is fixed at 8
Order Data
PackIDThe code used to identify which package should be ordered.YString(8)Please refer to Appendix A
OrderStringA collection of characters used to indicate which additional items are to be ordered.YString(25)Please do not include items which are already included by default in your selected PackID. Please refer to Appendix B

Appendix A

The following list shows the permisable identifying codes for the PackID tag.

reg01 - Basic Incorporation Package
No OrderString items to excludereg02 - Standard Incorporation Package
Exclude A and B from the OrderStringreg03 - Executive Incorporation Package
Exclude A, B, C, D and E from the OrderStringreg04 - Guarantee Incorporation Package
Exclude A and B from the OrderString

Appendix B

The following list shows the characters that must be included in the OrderString tag for all the items available on the gateway.

A. Two bound copies of the memorandum and articles
B. Printed certificate of incorporation
C. Combined company register
D. Plier style company seal
E. First board minutes
F. Directors service agreement
G. Employment contract
H. Brass name plate
I. SiteWizard Web Design services
K. London registered office service
M. 0871 Call handling package
N. Alliance and Leicester free business banking
O. SMS Text Alert on completion