Company Wizard

How does it Work?

This guide explains how the Company Wizard allows you tto register your company online. For more general information on Limited Companies please refer to our Limited Company FAQ section.

1. Introduction

The Company Formation Wizard will allow you to register your company quickly and easily using our simple tab based interface. We save all your information as you go along so if you need to return later that's not a problem! You will only be prompted to pay for the company formation service once you have entered all the required information.

Upon submission it will typically take 3-4 working hours before you will be issued your company registration number and a certificate of incorporation. You are then free to trade with your new company.

When completing the forms there are a series of red and green indicators below each tab which enable you to see which sections have been successfully completed and validated. Initially these will be red however once you complete each section they will turn green.

Incomplete Section
This means the section is incomplete

Completed Section
This means the section is complete

Once all the indicators are green you will then be given the option to submit and pay for your new company.

2. Registering

The first step is to register on our Company Formation Wizard by providing some basic contact details and an email address. Once you have registered you will be able to log back on at any time to review or update your incorporation details.

3. The Company Name

When you enter the company name here the system will automatically link in with Companies House to check the name is available. The company name section will appear as valid (Green Indicator) once you have entered a unique name.

The name will also be cross checked against the sensitive word database to ensure that if you use a sensitive word such as Group or International you are also able to provide the relevant supporting documentation. Don't worry, we'll help you with that!

The Company Name Section

4. Registered Office

The Registered Office is the address where Companies House will send any statutory documents or forms. This address must be based in the UK and can be a residential or business address.

You may wish to consider our London based registered office address service. This will enable you to take advantage of our prime location in Kensington with full mail forwarding facility and virtual control panel.

You can also specify where you would like your items to be delivered here.

The Registered Office Section

5. Statement of Capital

Company ownership is divided up through shares. The statement of capital enables you to declare the value and currency of your shares along with the associated voting and dividend rights. The shareholders collectively own the company in relation to how many shares they have. At this stage we are only concerned with the denomination of the shares. In the personnel section we can allot these shares to the shareholders of the company.

The Share Capital Section

6. Personnel

The personnel will be any individual or company who will act as either a director, secretary or shareholder. At this stage you will enter their name, address and role.

Adding a new Director, Secretary or Shareholder
First you select the type of personnel you are adding...

Completing the details for the new Director, Secretary or Shareholder
Then you complete the form. You can use the tick boxes to select multiple roles.

7. Authentication

If you have ever formed a company using the old paper based method then you will be aware that anyone appointed into a company must sign something at some point. This is where we authenticate the previously entered personnel. Obviously we can't take a physical signature so we are required instead to provide digital signatures. A digital signature is three pieces of personal information relating to each member of personnel.

Authenticating each director, secretary and shareholder

8. Additional Items

Before you place your order you may like to review our related products and services. Many of the prices have been reduced from their normal retail price. You can easily add or remove items here and the price will adjust accordingly.

Select from a range of value added products and services to go with your Company Formation

9. Submission

Once you have completed payment, your application will be marked as paid and will be reviewed and processed by an administrator. The documents are then formatted and sent electronically to Companies House, your application will then be assessed by Companies House and subject to acceptance we will receive a digital certificate of incorporation for your company (usually within 5 working hours). Once we have confirmation from Companies House we will advise you accordingly and prepare your documents to be posted out first class.

If for any reason the application fails we can resubmit as many times as required without further charge.